Blog Post July 2016 by Wendy Dobing

Posted on July 17, 2016 at 1:14 PM

  Heaven on Earth, found in Barcelona

Antoni Gaudí's masterpiece: The Sagrada Família Cathedral will take your breath away the moment you step inside.

Whilst the exterior of the cathedral looks like something from a Hans Christian Andersen story with fruits, birds and carvings based on biblical stories, the interior basks in the most beautiful marriage of colours and light.

The modern stained glass windows combined with the white stone interior creates a stunning prism effect. The space is bathed in a beautiful atmosphere of light alongside organically sculpted pillars and staircases. The cathedral houses a small exhibition area that shows with some detail Gaudí's interest in nature and organic structures (leaves, bones, cells). I assume that Gaudí's design of the cathedral is meant to emulate the descriptions of heaven in the Book of Revelation with the intention that worshippers can experience something close to the glory of God's prescence as it was described by the author John the Apostle.

This is a building that everyone should see before they die. Unfortunately my photos cannot do it justice by any means. It will take your breath away.

This is timeless design.

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