Blog Post August 2016 by Wendy Dobing

Posted on August 04, 2016 at 3.32 PM

  Superman's home, Planet Krypton, found in London

The first thing I thought when I stepped inside the Serpentine Pavilion was that this was just like Superman's home, Planet Krypton.

Just like in the movie, it was like being in a cave of subtle colours, light and tones with a predominance of a hint of green. I found myself surround by see through cubes all stacked together, some containing subtely coloured glass.

The Serpentine Pavilion is designed to look like an unzipped wall that is transformed from straight line to three-dimensional space. Surrounded by greenery and foliage this is a surreal experience as you see the normal organic life beyond the artifical material of the structure. Looking via some perspectives gives the sense of time and space moving!

The design is detailed and well planned with the boxes creating large contours outside and inside. The cubes add to the feel of absolute perfection. The structure reminds me of a three dimensional fractal illustration and the molecular buidling blocks of the world around us. Whilst you're inside feeding on this you can continue feeding in the café.