Blog Post December 2016 by Wendy Dobing

Posted on December 01, 2016 at 3:14 PM

  Night colours

As soon as the clocks change I get my tripod out and get out and about. The blue hour is my favourite, the small period of time just as the sun is about to set and it starts to get rapidly dark. There is a familiar blue tinge to the sky which works so well with street lighting and any other artifical light. It's great for colourful bokeh shots too.

It is difficult to take photographs at night when you are a bit shaky like me (and most people). Even holding my breath and concentrating on standing as still as possible doesn't seem to work and I end up with blurred images. The shutter speed is slower when you don't have much light so you need either a flat surface or a tripod to keep your camera steady. Taking 'long exposure' shots, with a degree of tweaking of your camera settings, can produce time lapse lighting effects as well as silky smooth water surfaces which catch the light really well too.

Night photography is actually very addictive but also time consuming and cold – the results outweigh the disadvantages though! This time of year it also feels very Christmassy and a little bit magical.

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