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Here is some of my freelance work, past day job projects and some personal artwork ideas.

I'm always looking to challenge myself as a visual communicator, it's important not to be too literal which is how briefs tend to begin. Although I lean towards illustration I am also a big fan of using striking imagery to speak the 1000 words. Some of these projects are still ongoing and evolving.

Portfolio Project: brand & logo identity

Brand & Logo Identity

Brand identity design and refreshment. Covering various areas, from hospitality, tailoring and IT to religion and management consultancy.

Design for Public Consultation & Exhibitions featuring bespoke public facing documents

Design for Public Consultation

Design for public consultation featuring bespoke public domain documents.

infographics for accessiblity

Infographics Design

Reimagining data and diagrams for accessibility.

Portfolio Project: Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

Exploring concepts via macro photography, magazine layouts, efliers and alternative design for infographics.

Portfolio Project: Bespoke invitation design

Bespoke Invitation Design

Bespoke invitation designs for charity, corporate and personal events.

Portfolio Project: Document, covers and packaging design

Packaging, Documents & Cover Designs

Designing for bespoke documents and bids featuring bespoke packaging and illustration.

Conceptual Illustration

Conceptual Illustration

Experimental illustration of themes and words with drawings and collage.

Portfolio Project: promoting Christmas, Easter and Mother's Day

Seasonal Design

Promoting Christmas, Easter and Mother's Day in a variety of colourful, creative ways for the Church.

Portfolio Project: Promoting events and information

Promotional Posters and Fliers

Promoting events from fringe theatre to charity, seasonal and corporate messages.

“Design is not a thing you do. It is a way of life.”

Alan Fletcher