Blog Post May 2018 by Wendy Dobing

Posted on May 23, 2018 at 16.24 PM

 Classes in classics

I didn't really know where to go first, there were so many things to look at. Clothes, cars, collectibles...then I saw Wayne Hemingway himself. I stroked his dog so by degrees of separation I could say that I have met him. Sweet dog too - an old black labrador. So well trained he didn't need him on a lead.

I didn't realise it was organised by Wayne Hemingway's company until I actually spotted him. Then it dawned on me. I guess I got so caught up in reliving the past and remembering lots of items from my childhood! This car boot sale seems to be on every year so I'll definitely be going back for 2019's version. Whilst you're there you can also check out the wondrous space that is Granary Square in King's Cross. A marvel of public realm and of course home to a very cool university.

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