Blog Post March 2020 by Wendy Dobing

Posted on March 29, 2020 at 05.20PM

 Spring is Sprung

Last year's March blog was about a design challenge I set myself. I wanted to do something similar this year and focus on the gifts that nature brings us with Spring - the colours and vitality after the long winter. I got part of the way into doing this before we entered 'lockdown'. A new direction had to be found via a combination of illustration and photography which was about creating my version of Spring.

The illustration was intended for use by St Matthew's Church in Surbiton, in a leaflet to promote their Holy Week services. Although this isn't being used now because of the current Coronavirus situation (and all churches are closed) it will probably (hopefully) be used next year. Part of it is being used on the church website to keep important information flowing. During these times the website is their most important communication channel. When the Holy Week leaflets are distributed next year hopefully the design will look familiar to everyone!

Update May 2020

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the church continues to stay locked down into May. As Mother's Day and Easter are now long ago, I was asked to update the flowers to lillies!

To tie in with the days of Lent ending and the approaching Pentecost (31st May), I have now been asked to created a banner of roses (not the easiest to draw, but I love a challenge!). I love doing this, it makes me really look and observe flowers, even more so than when I photograph them with my Macro closeup lens. Trying to convey the sunshine that flowers absorb and seem to emit is the hard part!

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