Blog Post December 2020 by Wendy Dobing

Posted on December 30, 2020 at 12:11 PM

 Special delivery: click and collect!

This year has seen a rise in people using 'click and collect' to buy their groceries and items from stores that were forced to close for the Covid lockdown. We seem to have had several lockdowns this year in one way or another so with that in mind I decided to design the St Matthews Church, Surbiton, Christmas flier with a topical theme. I thought about combining the expected delivery of the Baby Jesus with the delivery of the special Christmas church services.

Things changed a few times in England during December. Several areas of the country were divided into tiers, some on higher alert level than others but everyone was promised a Christmas window of time where people would be able to travel, see relatives and do all the things we normally do at Christmas. That changed again one week before Christmas Day as half of the country was effectively placed into lockdown again and the 'festive window' was cancelled. Churches were (still are as I write this) allowed to host services with special conditions but some services were already planned to be streamed online. In the end I think they all were. The message on the posters and fliers turned out to be even more accurate than I first thought!

I hope that this light hearted advert stayed in people's minds and at least made some people smile during the topsy turvy changes, despite their plans being dashed.

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