Blog Post May 2017 by Wendy Dobing

Posted on May 01, 2017 at 09.42 AM

 Re-designing the Night Market

Looking at a simple advertisement on the front and back cover of The Evening Standard for the Night Market, part of London Food Month, I found myself very underwhelmed.

The current design makes no effort to stand out or convey the essence of night. I realise that this is subjective but, going on gut instinct I thought it would be worth a challenge to re-design it rather than mourn it! I decided to challenge myself to come up with an alternative design and within a time limit. I realise that these campaigns may be time and budget limited so they are my parameters.

I used my own imagery that I knew would communicate night via a pretty night time bokeh array. I took a guess on the Evening Standard fonts used (as it is just a mock up) and found some as close to them as possible. I also used some quirky fonts that would complement the bokeh image and convey a lighted display.

Simply using a better background image and font I have lifted this design. Once I'd set up the (front cover) template this took me half an hour to create.