Blog Post July 2019 by Wendy Dobing

Posted on July 29, 2019 at 17:02 PM

Please Hold The Line

Everywhere you go, people are looking down at a screen. People walk as they watch videos streamed to their device, or they might be 'Face Timing' or Skyping someone. Even if they are waiting to meet a real human being they will be surfing the internet or texting. I'm not good a walking and doing these things but I am certainly guilty of staring at a screen to much.

It also seems rare to see people talking into their phones as they shy away from verbal communication. Will the next half of the century create people with submissive posture and no eye contact? Will they look like they're praying to the God of Screenbased activities? Seeing so many people doing this has encouraged me to look for people that aren't. They do still exist! I'll be looking into that in my next blog.

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