Blog Post January 2019 by Wendy Dobing

Posted on January 08, 2019 at 5.32 PM

 Movie time: learning to animate

This is not really a New Year's resolution because it is something I have been meaning to get my teeth into for a while. To complement my knowledge of working with 2D and of course web, I decided to expand my skillset further. I decided to use some time to start learning Adobe After Effects.

I had lot of fun creating a small basic video with some (very basic) moves as I got to know a little bit about the software. I can see that Adobe After Effects is a very powerful tool for animation and motion graphics. I'm very excited about exploring this further. As with all the Adobe Creative Cloud programs I use, there is a lot to learn and huge amounts of scope for creative play which I hope will turn into projects later on. Another challenge that came from this was learning how to insert an mp4 into my web page, keeping it responsive and working across my smart phone and my computer via HTML5.